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Koo Self Defense: A unique Martial Art

Master Roger Koo (42 years in the martial arts industry) created Koo Self Defense in 1992 from a completely different ‘out of the box’ approach. Although he was trained in various martial arts, his unique concept was to develop a training curriculum, not a style based purely on a simple premise: A Martial Art & Self Defense Training System = Extreme Physical Fitness + Devastating Power. This is what Koo Self Defense represents. The closest martial art to Koo Self Defense is Muay Thai.

A small portion of the world’s population is born naturally gifted in sports, music, arts, sciences, koo-yoga67academics, savants and geniuses. The same principle applies to natural street fighters. Naturally, gifted fighters can have no martial arts training of any type and yet possess natural knockout power with which they can demolish their opponent in seconds with simple boxing like punches.

Everyone is born with different physical and mental abilities. What we do in Koo Self Defense is to enhance an individual’s natural ability by increasing their power through our rigorous KSD ‘hyper-aerobics’, Yoga and aerobics maximum power drills executed onto focus mitts & shields at every single class.

In our daily workouts, we do not focus on techniques as such, we focus on developing each student’s fitness level to the highest level that each individual student sets as their individual goal.

With the development of this simple concept of training came great amounts of health benefits as noted in the Cartersville Studio’s website by comments from students who have trained a short period of time.

Since the creation of Koo Self Defense in February 1992, it has continued to evolve with more challenging KSD hyper-aerobics and anaerobic full power drills.

The premise of all martial arts and self-defense system that has been taught for hundreds of years is totally wrong.


Because the movements they teach such as forms (katas), blocks, punching from the hips, rotation of the fist, stances, sparring, tournaments with rules bear no resemblance to what people actually do on the street in a real fight. This is an INDISPUTABLE fact! This is a shocking statement to all martial arts practitioners.

Master Roger Koo has been in the martial arts for more than 41 years and developed Koo Self Defense based upon many unanswered questions which came from the general public while he was in traditional martial arts.

Koo Self Defense is not Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, Judo, Kuk Sul Won, Aikido, Kempo, Choi Kwang Do etc or any Korean, Chinese or Korean martial arts.

Koo Self Defense is unique.

Other martial arts despite their different names have much of the same curriculum such as katas (forms), sparring, stances, blocks and so forth and they also look alike except for they way they execute their movements.

Koo Self Defense’s curriculum is totally opposite to every martial arts currently in existence! The unique mini-jumppushupblend of KSD’s hyper-aerobics, flexibility (yoga) and anaerobic maximum power drills in one single class is truly unique compared to all other workout programs in existence! This unique blend has resulted in tremendous health benefits to all of our members.

Master Roger Koo
Master Koo’s Whole Body Jumping push-ups 1994

I had to create a new Koo Self Defense Facebook page as Choi Kwang Do Martial Art is very worried about my exposure of their wrong doings on it. So please do not submit anything bad about CKD on this Koo Self Defense Facebook’s page. The exposure of Choi Kwang Do will be on the Koo Self Defense’s Cartersville Studio website, it’s Guestbook and on other websites!