The Evolution of Koo Self Defense since February 1, 1992


1992 – Elimination of all types of Blocks 1992 – Major biomechanical refinements of all punches and kicks for power drills onto focus mitts and shields.
1992 – Elimination of structured traditional classes and the ‘perfection of techniques’ 1992 – Introduction of ‘KSD Forms’ performed Aerobically for 5 minutes non stop.
1992 – Elimination of traditional martial arts uniform 1992 – Introduction of KSD’s unique drills – punching/kicking onto focus mitts and shields
1992 – Elimination of Korean/Japanese terminology 1992 – Introduction of wearing shoes for training.
1992 – Elimination of oath/pledges 1992 – Introduction of Stamina Drills, a hybrid of Aerobic/Anaerobic exercises consisting of non stop hitting
1992 – Elimination of all traditional and non traditional punches, strikes, thrust and kicks. No need to focus on vital spots 1992 – Introduction of modification to knife hand and reverse knife hand execution
1992 – Elimination of training with bare feet 1992 – Introduction of ‘T’ shirt and Karate Black Pants for training
1992 – Elimination of performing techniques in the ‘air’ for power and ‘perfection’ 1992 – Introduction of KSD’s yoga stretching
1992 – Elimination of 3-2-1 Step Sparring 1992 – Introduction of ‘objective’ Colored/Black Belt Testings
1992 – Elimination of Semi-Free and Free Sparring 1992 – Introduction of ‘jumping hands’ class, forward and backward for distance, not height
1992 – Elimination of High Jumping Kicks for ‘height’ 1992 – Introduction of ‘backward kicking for brown belts and up’
1992 – Elimination of traditional knife/stick drills 1992 – Introduction of ‘sliding kicks’ for green belt and up
1992 – Elimination of all traditional stances 1992 – Introduction of ‘jumping kicks’ for distance and not height
1992 – Elimination of regimental traditional training method ie: where every student performs movements at the same time in unison 1992 – Emphasis on cardiovascular workouts. Improved method of training so that white belt can break 5 plastic rebreakable boards within 1 month of training! See Students Power Photo Link page
1992 – Elimination of traditional ‘self defense’ drills 1992 – Introduction of training at one own’s pace, depending upon individual’s level of fitness
1996 – Elimination of all colored belts testings 1992 – Introduction of ‘interval training’
1998 – Elimination of all KSD Forms 1996 – Introduction of ‘Colored Belt Advancement’ based upon attendance. The Koo Self Defense web site was launched
1999 – 99% Elimination of all types of ‘bowing’ 1997 – Introduction of 1200 punches
1999 – Elimination of Karate Black Pants 1998 – Introduction of KSD Aerobic #1 – A hybrid of Aerobics/Anaerobics for 25 minutes non stop which includes stomach crunches (sit-ups), push-ups, squat kicks, punches/kicks, kicks, jump punches/kicks, dynamic leg stretching and plyometric exercises. KSD’s 25 minutes kickboxing aerobics surpasses any other kickboxing aerobics that last for 1 hour. One never get use to KSD Aerobic #1, no matter how much one trains at it. It will challenge the ‘fittest’
1998 – Introduction of KSD Aerobic #5 :’Jump-Rope’ 15 mins non stop.
1998 – Introduction of new KSD drills
1998 – Introduction of Hands Combination Stamina Drills. Depending upon length of time spent training up to 2160 non stop hits
1999 – Introduction of Belt and No Belt training programs.
1999 – Introduction of KSD shorts and Tank Top for summer training with embroided KSD
1999 – Introduction of New KSD embroided ‘T’ Shirt and Sweat Pants for winter training
1999 – Introduction of new class schedules for Belt and No Belt Training programs
1999 – Introduction of new hybrid stamina drills
1999 – Restrict ‘bowing’ at beginning/end of class only.
1999 – The beginning of the production of the KSD Video Library Series
2000 – Introduction of new hybrid drills with even more intensity
2000 – Improved embroided on KSD uniform with 2 drops representing ‘blood, sweat and tears’
2000 – February 25th, 2000 Koo Self Defense launched its On-Line Store on a Secure Site for ordering Videos Tapes, KSD Uniforms and Equipment pertaining to its unique workouts
2000 – August, introduction of KSD Aerobic #3. Introduction of high energy background musics for workouts drills ie: while performing focus mitts/shields drills.
2000 – October 2nd, Master Koo relased KSD Aerobic #2. October 9th, Master Koo released KSD Aerobic #4.
2000 – November 3rd, Master Koo relased new footworks in the punching drills to increase even more power output in all punches. KSD goes beyond boxing footwork!
2001 – January, Master Roger Koo introduced 1800 punches which takes two students almost one hour to complete, 25 to 28 minutes each
2001 – February 9th, The writing of the Koo Self Defense’s book began. Details of contents will be released prior to publication.
2001 – June, Master Roger Koo introduces 2 new punches which is not in existence in any martial arts!
2001 – October, Master Roger Koo released more Power Drills for Shields
2002 – January, Master Roger Koo released more Power Drills for Focus Mitts. (drills that pushes the upper body muscles to its limits in order to develop very fast/powerful punches)
2003 – May, Master Roger Koo released more different types of punches. As KSD develops awesome hitting power onto focus mitts or heavy bag, every punch has to be conditioned correctly for the wrists not to hurt. KSD has a full range of punches that can be delivered from many different angles. KSD students can throw many different types of punches/strikes in a CONTINUOUS flow of combination at all types of angles
2004 – April, Master Roger Koo released more variations to KSD Aerobic #2, KSD aerobic 2a is a hybrid of aerobics and anaerobics raising the threshold of heart rate and sweat. KSD aerobic 2c goes to the extreme, pushing the envelope of fitness to its highest level.
2004 – 2008, Master Roger Koo created more intense KSD hyper-aerobics and anaerobics maximum power drills.